What You Should Watch This Week

Co-written by: Brookelyn Lambright and Rocco Jann 

 Looking for something to watch this week? I've got ten recommendations for shows, movies, and documentaries you must check out. 

1. Arrested Development 

A crowd pleasing comedy available to stream on Netflix. The show focuses on Michael Bluth and his attempt to revive his family real estate business after his father is sent to jail for a white-collar crime. He must juggle his dysfunctional family all-the while getting into hilarious misadventures. This show boasts five seasons with approximately twenty epsiodes each season. Check out this show if you're looking for a funny, family comedy. 

2. Shiny Happy People

For anyone who followed the Duggar family's 21 Kids & Counting on TLC, this documentary on Prime Video is a must-see. Jill Duggar along with her cousin Amy, and other family friends and ex-church members narrate the four-part documentary. It dives into the untold stories behind the Duggar family's success and the Church to which they pledged their allegiance, IBLP. For anyone who was or is a part of conservative Christian culture, Shiny Happy People, will leave you questioning the fine line between obedience and blind allegiance. 

3. Modern Family

One of my favorite sitcoms to date, Modern Family, available to watch on Hulu is a sitcom that follows a progressive and diverse family. The show features Jay Pritchett, the patriarch, along with his two childen and their families. Similar to The Office, characters are interviewed throughout the show giving deeper, and most times hilarious insights into the various characters thoughts and feelings. From Phil's endless antics to Cam's musical theatrics, Modern Family is sure to make you smile. Packed with wholesomeness and humor, Modern Family's 11 seasons will leave you feeling a part of the Pritchett family. 

4.  The Whale

This movie is availble to rent on Prime Video, You Tube, Vudu, and Apple TV. With a showtime of 1 hr and 57 minutes, Brendon Frasier transports viewers into a small, remote apartment. Frasier's showstopping return to the silver screen is nothing short of perfection, winning him Best Performance by a Lead Actor at the Oscar's. The movie focuses on Frasier's character, Charlie, who is an overweight English teacher living his last days alone until he decides to try and reconcile with his daughter for a last attempt at redemption. The movie will leave you with tears in your eyes as you watch one man search for forgiveness and closure. 

5.  A Man Called Otto

Available to stream on Netfilx, A Man Called Otto, follows the story of Otto Anderson, played by Tom Hanks. An old, depressed widower stuck in his ways meets his polar opposite when a pregnant woman named Marisol moves in across the street. The two form an unlikely friendship that reshapes Anderson's world. Similar to The Whale, the movie will leave you with a tearful, yet inspired impression of life. 

6. The Fablemans 

This recent film, directed by Steven Spielberg, follows the semi-autobiographical life of Sammy Fableman. Available to watch on You Tube with a Primetime subscription, the film will leave you emotional as you witness Sammy fall in love with movie-making. Sammy must balance his love for film with a sense of duty to his dysfunctional family. He finds solace in his films as he processes all of life's peculiarities through a moving picture. This movie is a must see for avid fans of Spielberg and those looking for a coming-of-age story brimming with nostalgia. 

7. Barry

Available to stream on Max, Barry boasts the unique characteristics of a sitcom and psychological drama. The show created in part by lead actor Bill Hader, follows Barry Berkman, a war veteran turned hitman with dreams of being an aspiring actor. When his double-life begins to interfere with his new life in L.A., he must choose between his secrets and his friends. The show just wrapped up its fourth and final season and is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys Bill Hader's comedy work and appreciates funny, yet twisted drama. 

8. La La Land

Available to watch on Netflix, La La Land is a romantic musical focused on romantic leads Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). The pair are drawn to each other because of their mutual desire to follow their dreams. Mia, an aspring actress, and Sebastian, a jazz musician. But as the two become more successful, they must choose between their once passionate love and their soaring careers. This classic musical told through a modern lens demonstrates the realities of love and success. 

9. Succession

Available to stream on Max, Succession follows the uber-rich Roy family, owners of a large, successful media conglomerate akin to that of the Murdoch family's Fox News empire. With a similar story structure to Arrested Development, Succession takes a vastly more malicious deep-dive into the vile intricacies of corporate America's most conniving elites. One of Max's most memorable dramas in recent years, Succession is a bingeworthy show that will leave you searching for humanity amongst America's most elite. 

10. Chef

Available to stream on Max, Chef follows Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) as he quits his job at a prestigious restraurant and opens his own food truck. He must work together with his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) and his best friend (John Alberto Leguizamo). Throughout Casper's adventure with his food truck he discovers a new love for cooking and forms an inseperable bond with his son, who just so happens to tag along. Check out Chef if you're looking for a wholesome, humerous, and remarkable movie. 

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